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Telehealth Update

The establishment of Telehealth services for patients to access their healthcare providers during the pandemic is an example of an affirmative development to an unfortunate circumstance. Insurance approval to Zoom or FaceTime with providers was unheard of prior to Covid. Because of this alternative, each state enacted their own legislature to support the continuance of Telehealth for an extended period of time. Here in Massachusetts, the Telehealth bill signed by Governor Baker expires in January 2023. There’s a meeting in May with the Division of Insurance (DOI) to provide supporting documentation regarding the impact Telehealth has made on members’ lives since its inception.

If you would like to share your personal experience regarding our visits, I’d be happy to include your statement in the documentation to be submitted at the DOI meeting. A few, simple sentences is all you need. No pressure, but I know a lot of you have expressed how convenient it has been to meet virtually over the past few years. And I know how well you have all done as a result of our meetings!

Your input will support the continuance of a valuable mode of communication with all of your healthcare providers—and not just nutrition.

Please email me at by May 5th so I can organize the statements for the meeting scheduled for May 11th.

Thanks for your consideration in this matter,


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