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my favorite foods

I am always asked, “What do YOU eat?” I decided it was easier to list some of my favorite foods (some are staples) that are always on my shopping list. I separated them by stores, but many of these items can be found in a variety of grocery store chains, most often in the natural section.

@ Trader Joe’s

Organic wild blueberries or strawberries (frozen)

Organic brown rice (frozen)

All natural peanut butter or almond butter (no palm oil in ingredient listing)

Cage free (cooked) hard boiled eggs

Egg whites

Ciligiene mozarella balls (in individual packs now)

Jarslberg Lite, light cheddar, or light harvati cheese

TJ's brand of Organic roasted sliced turkey (pre-packaged)

Baby bell peppers 

Whole Wheat (British) English Muffins

Organic Seeded bread (loaf) 

Norwegian Crispbread crackers (regular or gluten free)


@ Whole Foods

Nashoba Brook Slo-Rise Breads (Love the PepperJack/Cheese one for a nice treat!)

Dave's Killer Bread; they also have English Muffins 

Horizon or 365 Brand low fat cottage cheese

365 or Nature’s Path Flax oatmeal (individual packages)

Nature Path Multigrain cereal with Flax (a fave of mine!)

Nature’s Path Smart Bran cereal with Psyllium and Oat Bran

Organic 365 brand, low sodium chicken broth

365 brand pepper roasted turkey (pre-packaged)

Lara Bars (Cashew Cookie is my favorite!); also in healthy section of most grocery stores and TJ’s

88 Acres seeded (nut-free) bars or nut spreads

Muir Glen Fire Roasted stewed tomatoes

365 legumes/lentils (aseptic package/carton or BPA-free can)

Wild Planet tuna (low in mercury and BPA free)

365 Whole Wheat English Muffins

Bilinski's mild red pepper chicken sausages (they also have a spicy version)

Bragg Dressing and Marinade (with apple cider vinegar)


@ Most Grocery Stores


Belgioso 3-pack mozarella balls (70 calories)

Cabot 50% less fat cheddar cheese

Dave's Killer Bread; they also have English Muffins 

Sargento Ultra Thin cheese slices

Egg whites

2% (or less) low-fat Greek yogurt (plain or vanilla has less added sugars)

Icelandic style yogurts

Steel cut oats

Cape Cod 40% less fat; small packs (100 calories) potato chips

Triscuits Hint of Salt crackers (not a fan of the flavored ones/too many additives!)

Salsa (I mix it in with ground turkey when I make turkey burgers)

Sunsweet Ones Prunes (individually wrapped)

Sunswet Sierra Trail Bites (have some rice crisps and almonds n them for crunch)
Pomi tomatoes (aseptic package/carton-not canned)

Dell’ Amore Premium Marinara sauce - order on their website; made in Vermont!

Clementines (seasonal)

Plainville Turkey 

Ground turkey 

Olivia's lettuce (all varieties)

Amy's low sodium lentil or pea soup (orange band on label)

Orgain shakes 

Legume-based pastas (large variety of them!)

Kodiak Cakes (pancakes and oatmeal)

HIPPEAS (alternative to cheese puffs made from chickpeas)

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