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Ride the Wave: Your Path to Health and Healing

Even a well comes up dry after awhile, and sometimes I find myself running out of refreshing, new ideas to share and motivate people. Yesterday was one of those days. As I was chatting with one of my long-term patients about some changes to make to her diet, I surprised myself by saying, “I can’t keep pulling ideas out of a hat like Mary Poppins.” Thankfully, we both laughed about it because as Sally Albright said to Harry Burns in When Harry Met Sally: “You can't take it back. It's already out there.” Yup, I owned it, but it got me thinking about things.

Many of you know I enjoy my Pilates “time on the mat” with Robin Long. So, I decided to listen to one of her podcasts today to help me continue to support and inspire you. She always imparts such sound, down to earth advice. It’s practical and realistic, and that type of approach ultimately leads to sustainability over the long haul. What she promotes is the importance of self-care and restorative living. No, not a trip to the spa or hair salon, but a personal reflection of what nourishes you and cares for your own well being.

One of her suggestions that resonated with me is to ease up on your personal expectations. I know that sounds like Debbie Downer advice but I’m not telling you to let go of what you want to achieve. Just on how you get there. Realize the realities of your current situation and redefine what you can and cannot do. But, to still feel good about yourself in the meanwhile. You need to be able to adapt to what type of situation you are in. Might be a new job you are adjusting to, or even an old job’s working conditions that have been reconfigured since Covid. Grand intentions can often be self-destructive. Think small(er) as the little things you do can make a big impact along the way.

Another suggestion is when you are tired, learn to rest but not to quit. Ride the wave! Reposition yourself with a good support system. Friends, family, blogging groups and podcasts that inspire you, and exercise BFFs, to name a few. Find some toddlers to hang out with as their outlook on life is so genuine and they do say the darndest things that put life in perspective. Ask others for help if you need it. I’m reminded of the video I saw the other day of a small turtle that was turned upside down in a puddle of water. In a matter of minutes, six other turtles floated over and circled the flailing little guy and helped to right him. He flipped over and they all flapped away. Teamwork, for sure.

And lastly, give yourself permission to take a day off without guilt. Respect the place you are in right now. Honor your body and relax and start fresh the next day. Pivoting a few degrees is okay—just be sure to catch the next wave!

In Good Health,


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