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Big Papi Goes to Cooperstown!

Congratulations to David Ortiz for his well deserved induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York this weekend! Many of you have already seen my coveted picture of me and David but I’ve assembled a few behind the scenes memories from a fun day we spent together…well, maybe an hour or so together!

In 2011, on behalf of a community event sponsored by the Boston Red Sox, I was asked to speak to an assembly of kids’ camps in the greater Boston area about healthy eating. It was my first big public relations gig so I had no clue what to wear and in hindsight, my outfit was a little over stated… but perhaps I caught the eye of someone famous? I think Wally liked the dress!

I introduced myself as “your nutrition coach” to the crowd. I told them “We’re all here to have a great time but it’s important to learn how to stay healthy by exercising and eating right. For the next 15 minutes, you will be running the bases on MY team. As you run the bases, we’ll discuss some important points to staying healthy. The bleachers are the ON DECK CIRCLE and you’re about to step into the BATTER’S BOX. In order to SCORE A RUN for “TEAM NUTRITION,” you have to cross HOME PLATE. There are no shortcuts to good health. Just like in baseball, you have to touch all of the bases.” I somehow became the queen of baseball metaphors that day!

First Base was eating breakfast. The kids were still settling in and still squirming.

Second Base was the importance of staying hydrated. There was some chit chat in the bleachers but I spoke louder into the microphone.

Third Base was the three heavy HITTERS: carbs, proteins, and fats. Now a bunch of hands were popping up and they were engaged in the discussion.

UGH. I almost made it to HOME with snacking options, but the crowd’s attention was suddenly diverted to a big guy walking onto the field. In a blink an eye, the public relations crew gave me the proverbial “hook” and wrangled me off the stage like a vaudeville act gone bad.

After the speeches, we waited for PR photos. I'd like to think in this next shot, he was trying to "get a read on me."

And here's a little behind the scenes secret. My photo op with David was fortuitous. PR realized they forgot to include me in the group pictures, so he was kind enough to step into a shot with me alone.

All in all, it was a great day. And, the outfit looked pretty good flanked by two World Series trophies! A big thanks and shout out to my driver and photographer that day, David….LOL..mine, not Ortiz!

In Good Health,


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