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Superbowl Sizzle

When we talk about munchies for the Super Bowl, we usually talk about foods that sizzle! Yummies like steak tips ablaze on the grill or hot chili simmering in crock pots across America. Not to discount the excitement of the hometown fans, but this year’s big game is getting a lot more attention because of a different kind of sizzle—that being a spark between a certain football player and a pop star. Both professionals in their own right, the universe has brought these two Individuals together together and, hence, there’s a new vibe for the Super Bowl that’s steaming up the media waves. 

Whether you are looking forward to the game’s marathon eating, the TV commercials, the camera pans to the VIP boxes, or you just want to watch a pigskin being kicked around the field, I just wanted to say— “have fun and enjoy the game!” 

In Good Health, 


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