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Pretty Ugly

This blog may look more like an English class lesson but please read on! I promise you will find this as amazing as I did.

You may not have heard about the word “enjambment” but you may have read it. Some of the most famous writers in the history of literature, T.S. Eliot, John Keats, and William Shakespeare, have employed enjambment in their verse. Derived from the French word “to step over,” enjambment is a literary tool, often used in poetry. It refers to verse lines that end without punctuation, allowing the writer’s thought to carry over to the next line. You will see words like “that” or “and” used (instead of periods or commas) to connect one sentence to another. This series of writing forces the reader to look toward the next line to complete the writer’s thought.

Enjambment is often used in reverse poetry. When read from top to bottom, the poem delivers one message, but when reversed, and the poem is read from bottom to top, the sentiment is an entirely different one.

So, this brings me to the point of my blog. We are living in a world dominated by the influence of social media. And it’s not just kids and teens that are affected by this umbrella; adults are vulnerable, as well. The following poem was written using enjambment. It depicts an unfortunate perspective when read forward; however, when read in reverse, it sends a positive message. Please share with anyone you know who could benefit from its uplifting sentiment.

In good health,


Pretty Ugly

By Abdullah Shoaib

I’m very ugly

So don’t try to convince me that

I am a very beautiful person

Because at the end of today

I hate myself in every single way

And I’m not going to lie to myself by saying

There is beauty inside of me that matters

So rest assured I will remind myself

That I am a worthless, terrible person

And nothing you say will make me believe

I still deserve love

Because no matter what

I am not good enough to be loved

And I am in no position to believe that

Beauty does exist within me

Because whenever I look in the mirror I always think

Am I as ugly as people say?

(Don't forget to read this poem from the bottom up now)

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